Stakeholder engagement


Who are the people you need to back your business, or support your campaign, to make it a success?

We can help you identify them and bring them on board

Stakeholders are anyone who can affect, or is affected by, an organisation or project. Your key stakeholders may be internal – for example, your employees – or external, such as current or potential customers, lobby groups, politicians, or the media. The list goes on and is different for each brand.

We can analyse who your key stakeholders are, work with you on the messages you want to get across and decide how best to reach them; perhaps through events, consultations or one-to-one conversations, communicating through traditional or social media, building your corporate social responsibility (CSR) or through other means.

And then we’ll make it happen.

‘I just want to put on record how grateful I am for the amazing job you guys do.

‘When we first began working together, back in my days at Julia’s House, you managed to get us almost daily in local newspapers, on radio and you brought us TV coverage for some of our more significant events.

One of the most valuable roles you played was linking us up with notable people locally who opened doors for us or went on to be active celebrity patrons.’

Gavin Fisher

Chief Executive, Children's Respite Trust